Nutrabolics® is a major Canadian international producer of premium sports powders and proteins, based in downtown Vancouver, BC. We offer our line of international supplements across 6 continents in over 60 countries.

With almost two decades of research and experience in the health and fitness field, Nutrabolics® continues to develop the most advanced, scientifically validated and effective nutraceuticals on the market. Every supplement in our line has been extensively researched and precisely formulated to ensure purity and performance.


The pursuit of innovation is fundamental to Nutrabolics’® culture; it shapes our strategy and defines our purpose. Our commitment to innovation allows us to maintain a dynamic presence in the global marketplace and adapt to the ever-changing needs of a new generation of informed consumers.“Inland is an integral part of our supply chain. We value this partnership and relationship; it has been vital to our new product launches and meeting a growing consumer demand for our products. They have a professional and friendly team that is a pleasure to work with. Their dedication, effective communication, and solution-oriented approach is valued by our team. Inland works hard to ensure we have the best experience possible and we would not hesitate to recommend them as supply chain partners. ”

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