The towering oak starts from a single acorn. When you take the measure of that tree, it’s easy to overlook the countless years it took for that small acorn to take root – and the deep roots that serve as the unseen foundation for the growing tree. History, the strength of one’s foundation, our roots – we don’t take any of this for granted. We believe that you can’t move forward without respecting and understanding your past.

    Universal was founded in 1977 in New Jersey as a manufacturer of nutritional supplements for bodybuilders. We started business during the Golden Age of Bodybuilding when the first Sandow was awarded; when “Pumping Iron” changed the way people thought about the sport.

    We wanted to change the industry. Nearly forty years later, we are still trying – to manufacture the finest nutritional supplements in the world and to promote a positive community of lifters. Through your support and loyalty, we know we’ll be doing that for many years to come.

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