What is the modern physique? More than anything, it’s the outward representation of a conscious and deliberate decision to shape yourself into something strong and powerful. It’s the result of your choice to build a defined, athletic, and aesthetic body. It’s your chance to define who you are.

    If you’re ready to take control of your fitness, and to build a body you can be proud of, then you’re ready to take on the 8-week challenge that is Modern Physique. It won’t be easy, but it will change your life.


    In this program, I’m providing you with eight weeks of training, nutrition, and supplement guidance. Your dedication to this program will take you from where you are now to that modern physique we all want.

    I’ve developed this program so that each person will create a modern physique through eight pillars. They are:

    • Symmetry: This is similar to aesthetics. How balanced are you? Is your physique one-dimensional, or impressive from all angles?
    • Strength: Can you move a heavy weight safely, or do you just look the part?
    • Power: Can you make your muscles work together and express their strength quickly?
    • Flexibility/mobility: Are you a functional human being, or are you basically a muscular mannequin?
    • Endurance: Can you last in your workouts, sport, or life, or do you end up on the floor?
    • Muscularity: Have you put in your time to build quality mass? Do you have shape, or just size?
    • Definition: Are you lean enough to show that your diet is on par with your training?
    • Athleticism: Does your hard work in the gym carry over to other activities you care about?

    I know these pillars work, because I use them in my own training. They’ve helped me build physique I have today. Each Sunday during the program, I’ll explain how the program will help you build one of these pillars.

    I’m so excited about this trainer because it provides the opportunity to train in more than one method. You’re not just doing hypertrophy work. You’re not just training for strength. It’s about being a complete modern man, using what we know about training and nutrition to be better in all forms of fitness.

    If you follow this program, supplement smart, and eat right, you’ll be stronger, you’ll be more explosive, you’ll have better symmetry and shape, you’ll be more muscular, you’ll have better definition, and you’ll be an overall better athlete.


    Where you go from here is up to you. If you’re ready to join me, make sure you watch the training overview and the nutrition overview to get everything you need to succeed.

    Follow along every week to see each of my eight videos explaining the pillars of the modern physique. Also, track your program on BodySpace, and feel free to hit me up on Instagram or other social media with any of your questions. Just tag me, tag Bodybuilding.com, and use the hashtag #modernphysique.

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