Traditional Diet vs Alternate Day Fasting Diet

There are numerous weight loss programs adults can choose fom to try and lose weight. Alternate day fasting has become popular with people who have a difficult time adhering to more traditional calorie restriction diets. A study published by JAMA Internal Medicine put both programs to the test.

Of the 100 obese adults in the study, some were assigned to an alternate day fasting program where they received 25% of their calorie needs on the fasting day with 125% on the feasting day. Others adhered to a traditional calorie restriction diet where they received 75% of their calorie needs every day.

After 1 year, results were not significantly different, with alternate day fasting subjects losing an average of 6% of their body weight and traditional dieters losing an average of 5.3%. Adherence was also about the same for both groups.

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